Framing the dream: dialogue

Sculpture at La Vinya dels Artistes. Mas Blanch i Jové This work is formed by two pieces that dialogue between them; the first one is a frame of great dimensions done with rusty iron on one side and stainless steel on the other, which reflects the landscape. The second one is a 14-meter high ladder installed in the center of a holm oak and goes all the way up, touching the sky. This work of great dimensions was done back in 2015 when the Jové-Balasch family chose me as the artist of the year. This is a permanent work, located in the middle of the powerful landscape of Les Garrigues, that dialogues with other works from great creators such as: Ginovart, Joan Brossa, Carles Santos, Susana Solano, among others…

14-meter high ladder made of iron, with false perspective, painted blue. Touching the sky.


Model for a big dimensions project for a public sculpture. Done in bronze.


The meaning of its inner space is the connection between cultures through the representation of different writings. The cube can be moved and placed in different ways without ever losing the idea of a cube as a whole, that opens itself letting you see its content.


This sculpture was conceived as a whole, inverted tree = cosmic tree.

By placing the tree between two mirrors, it creates an infinite loop and it symbolically empowers itself, being one mirror squared-shaped and the other circular.

The dialogue between the pieces is the sculpture.

homage to BRANCUSI

Work on wood and iron.

Sculpture done in Tirgu-Jiu (Romania) in 2013 when I was invited to be a part of the GorjFest to pay homage to Brancusi.