To me, painting is a vital need, a passion and at the same time an instrument towards finding knowledge. Like any other creative process, painting is a testimony of the one who holds the brush; a reflection. In my case, it’s a testimony to my emotions, my life experiences, what I sense around me…

It’s not easy to express such feeling in words, even more so when my artwork tends towards informalism, where you don’t deal with known images but with the ones coming out from our subconscious, to get to oneself and reflect on them.

My painting comes from accumulated memories, experiences and the mark they left. It has always been a reflection of who I am, of what I search and my emotional state; using my personal landscape as the main thread.

My technique varies from work to work, from mixed media to collage, both in larger  and smaller ones, where colour plays an important role in helping express what I want.

I also work on sculpture, etching and other techniques. I’m always interested in trying and investigating new techniques and materials to create different levels of perceptions for my works where all senses can intervene.