Artist Books


An artist book is a work of art, done in its entirety (or almost entirely) by a plastic artist. It’s a form of expression, a symbiosis of multiple possible combinations of different languages and ways of communication.

An artist book or object book is a plastic/artistic expression that was born in the mid-20th century. Therefore, the editorial work takes on a new value as a work of art, and as an artistic entity by itself and not only by its content..


Homage  to María Zambrano

Original work - Pending edition (2014)
Mixed Technique: text, photograph, collage over different paper.
Set of 10 booklets presented on a box under the same theme: Exile.

In this vast topic that is exile, I’ve focused on the figure and philosophy of Maria Zambrano, renowned Spanish philosopher, relating her forced political exile with the mystical and personal one..

Mes fleurs du mal

Original work - Limited Edition 1/28 – 28/28
Technique: Print over Sommerset Velvet Enhanced (255g) paper, 100% cotton with Ultrachrome TM K3 ink.
Contains 4 images manipulated by hand by the artist.
Book composed by 8 diptychs of 25 x 50 cm and 4 diptychs of 25 x 75 cm.


This set of visual poems was conceived and performed over the course of the Burning Forest series. In 2010.

On the edge of beauty, the abyss. Fragility and beauty caught in an instant.

These works provide an unprecedented way to create dramatic tension through silence and immobility.

They are like moments of poetic tension with the metaphor of the background. These poems try to condense and freeze in the structure of the frame these sensations received from nature.

This book is made up of 12 images created by the artist and reproduced digitally, six of them illuminated by hand by the artist.

The stamping is on 255 grms Somerset paper.
Size 22x22cm.