"In Assumpció Mateu's works there is the impulsive gesture of the brushstroke and texture is also present. But neither the brushstroke nor the texture are there as a testimony of themselves, but rather as an instrument and a tracing of experienced sensations. And everything is resolved with taste, with a double taste: the taste for the sensual and direct emotion experienced by the thing that has provoked it and the taste for the plastic composition of that emotion.
To assume, which means to incorporate a thing or fact into oneself and make it one's own, to feel it as assumed, indivisibly identified between thing or fact and the self. Informalism as a representative medium has allowed her to do this; but, in reality, her works are abstract, that is to say, she has extracted from the environment that which most pleased her and in this way she has objectified it".
Arnau Puig
Fragment of the text by Arnau Puig for the catalogue of the exhibition "Un assumir" at the Castell de Benedormiens. 1986

"The sea is a constant theme in my career, the immensity, the constant changes of light and colour, of shapes according to the wind... make me feel it and paint it from the inside, according to my emotions, it becomes a theme where I can free my moods and let them flow in an abstract way".
Assumpció Mateu