When you enter a burnt forest, the darkness, the silence, the absence of all that is life, in this state you feel yourself, when later you recover it through memory, you can capture it by painting, writing or other forms of expression and it can become beauty and light.
All the work of the burnt forest has been worked with natural materials, scorched earth, charcoal, ashes, collage with handmade papers so that it has the strength of the real of the forest and the earth. 
"Through her gaze and her art, she has managed to transmit to the spectator her aesthetic vision that endows those desolate places with poetry and beauty. That is the magic of art, that is the privilege that creators have.
Dense, deep works, that go beyond the bark, that go through its surface and penetrate its interiority. Works that translate feelings, memories, experiences, shared moments. Burnt forest, ashes that summarise his absences, personal and intimate, intellectual and ideological."
Antonio Salcedo - Art critic and exhibition curator
(Excerpt from the text of the catalogue "Presons íntimes" Espai Volart exhibition. VilaCasas Foundation)