original works on canvas, wood, paper…

“The work of Assumpció Mateu isn’t romantic because it talks about nature, it is so for a whole other, much important reason: for the way in which she approaches everything, for not seeing in an isolated manner and for knowing how to listen during the encounters, combinations and coincidences of everything that wants to be alive. Staring into the great absent forest that gives shape to her work, you can be assured that things tend to hide something much greater than themselves, and this is the great secret to discover.”


Cristina Masanés. Excerpt from the text of the catalogue “La Natura com a Metàfora” Exhibition at Les Bernardes de Salt, Girona (2019).

“The Burnt Forest Through her look and that of her art, she has managed to compel the audience, her aesthetical vision that adds poetry and beauty to those desolated landscapes. It’s the magic of art, the privilege that creators have. Dense works, profound, that go deeper into the bark, cutting through the surface and penetrating right into its core. Artworks that translate emotions, memories, shared moments. Burnt forest, ashes that resume their absences, the personal and intimate, the intellectual, the ideological.”

Antonio Salcedo. Excerpt from the text of the catalogue “Presons Íntimes” Exhibition at Espai Volart – Fundació VilaCasas Barcelona (2008).

“In the works of Assumpció Mateu there’s the impulsive traces of the brush and it’s also present in its texture. But neither the traces of her brush nor the texture are witnesses themselves rather than instruments to express experienced feelings. And it’s all tied up with taste, double the taste: a taste for the direct sensual emotion experienced by which provoked it and the taste for the plastic composition of said emotion. To assume, means to accept some thing or fact to oneself and make it one’s own, feeling as if you assumed such thing, identifying it indivisibly between the thing or fact and myself. Informalism, as a medium to represent, has allowed [the artist] to do so; but, in reality, her works are abstract, meaning that have been taken from the surroundings that attracted her and through this medium she’s objectified it.” Arnau Puig. Excerpt from the text of the catalogue “Un Assumir” Exhibition at Castell de Benedormiens (1986).


Sounds and Shadows

Works composition. Jafre Artist Studio.

The Sea has been a constant theme in my life’s work, the immensity, its constant changes of light and color, the changes of patterns depending on the wind… it makes me feel it and paint it from inside, following my emotions. It becomes a theme where I can free my states of mind and let them flow in an abstract way.


“Way beyond the skin, the texture, the sound… exists the silence of a look, the profoundness of eyes that have jumped over the barrier of the senses. One of the first references to her work is the series dedicated to the “Presons Íntimes” (Intimate Prisons), that places us straight into the principal axes of her creative trajectory: her look towards her surrounding, the introspective reflection and the tensions that tie the drama with poetry, always like a struggle between being and existing, between look and writing, between intuition and reason.”

Glòria Bosch. Excerpt from the text of the book “La Mirada del Espacio Interior: Assumpció Mateu” Colección ArtLand – March Editors (2005)